The estimates of growth in this industry are impressive,

it is expected that the cannabis market will have

a value of US $62 B for 2024.

Amount Requested

USD $1.5M

20% Equity


  • Build nurseries and buildings for the process and storage.
  • Distribution chain that is already established and working.
  • Irrigation, lighting, ventilation and security system with enclosure.
  • Drying area.
  • Plants and equipment.

Funding Requirements

& Equipment for expansion
$500,000 for Inventory and additional
critical EE’s.

Projected Returns:

20% Equity
IRR 61%

Total Investor Payment

Inv. horizon: 3 years
Projected ROI per year: 12%

The Colombian Cannabis Industry has opened its doors to new producers with the recent change of legislation on exports in Colombia.

This is reflected in an increase of 1568% in exports during the last 2 years. Bio Laboratorios is looking to raise a total of $1.5 million USD to take advantage of this new market opportunity.

Market Growth

The estimations of growth in this industry are impressive, at the moment the value of the medical cannabis market is around US $29B. It is expected that the medical cannabis market will have a value of US $55B by 2025. There is an ever increasing number of countries that allow medicinal use. This rate of growth is accelerating with the new demand. It is estimated that each hectare of crop can generate profits between 3 and 8 Million Dollar.


    The current market percentage of legal cannabis production is around 10%. By 2025, it is expected that the percentage will grow to 44%. Now is a great time to take advantage of the country’s regulatory development in the exploitation of Cannabis. Other advantages include the geographical location is optimal for growing and significantly lower labor costs. These advantages combined provide a unique opportunity to invest and obtain results in a short period compared to other agro-industrial projects. Timing is key to get in front of the competition in establishing a strong presence in Colombia with the new favorable legislation.

      Business Plan

      Cannabis is seeking $1.5 M in a 20% Equity offering to cover the cost of build nurseries and buildings for the process and storage.The target market are global companies that require a CBD base for their products, supported by a high-quality product at a price that current CBD producing countries will not be able to compete because of higher costs. With this investment, Bio Laboratorios projects to be in position to export in 6 months.



        JAKE MELLOR, MBA, Macc, CFP® CFO at Alphamark

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        With stakes in more than 700 hectares and 6 years doing organic agriculture (60 in conventional agriculture and cattle farming), we have demonstrated our ability to profitably carry out the citriculture business in Colombia.


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