To support this initiative, the idea of building a hospital

and a hotel combination with an ocean-side beach access to

the Atlantic shore was developed.

Funding Requirements

$184,000,000 USD | Debt

Use of Fouds

$5 million: foundation based on piles
$75 million: 75.000 m2 construction
$20 million: land purchase cost
$80 million: equipment and furniture for its operation

Projected Returns

60% in 5 years

Analysis Run Income

Year 1: $95,000,000
Year 2: $111,350,000
Year 3: $126,462,500
Year 4: $186,175,000
Year 5: $241,000,000
Total: $759,987,500


5 years $30,000,000

Total Investor Payment


Mexico has become in the last decade the second destination for medical tourism, right behind Thailand. This great market positioning is due to the strategic geographic location, very competitive prices, the attractive manmade and natural infrastructure as well as the highly accommodating human capital which are all competitive advantages over other countries.


Cancún Hospital already has the leveling platforms, transformer power station and water supply connection infrastructure. Additionally, the executive project currently has a construction license, environmental impact study, Semarnat approvals, construction licenses to start immediately with existing permits valid until 2030 and as well as all current Municipal State and Federal permits. Thus, allowing us to focus only on construction and the necessary operations.

    Business Plan

    The first phase is composed of the first 2 towers with 188 apartments out of a 13-tower Cancun Medical City development. Once completed, this project will have multiple sources of revenue ranging from restaurants, pools, and medical facilities planned to diversify the income portfolio. To assure viability and infrastructural stability, all the necessary studies are in order: oil mechanics, topography, seismic and wind studies. With all this in mind, funds are intended for construction and all the necessary equipment acquisition and installation. 



    JAKE MELLOR, MBA, Macc, CFP® CFO at Alphamark


    Santa María de la luz

    The Company is composed of two cemeteries and was created the 30th November 2012. The Company is composed of two cemeteries and was created the 30th November 2012.


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    Real Estate

    Will develop 5,000 lots that will include a club house and common recreational areas. It will also have an innovative architectural design. This development will include a 9-hole Jack Nicklaus course.


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