Santa María de la Luz
Jardín Funerario


In Culiacan, most of the cemeteries are

oversaturated and don’t have enough

space to supply the demand

Initial Funding Objective

$4M USD | Equity


  • Crypt, Tombstone, Monument, and 5 years maintenance plans for sale.
  • New Cemetery land purchases available for expansion every 6-8 months.


Payback in 30-36 months

Use of Fouds

Build of cemeteries.
Advertising strategy.

Projected Returns:

3 years.

Investment Terms


significant assets & infrastructure
Land and cemeteries.

The funeral industry in México is composed of private and public cemeteries, with the high demand and the oversaturated cemeteries in Culiacán because of an increase in the prices of funeral products and services is possible the entrance of new companies.


The management team found a piece of land near to a little cemetery of almost 6 acres that was perfect for the build of a bigger cemetery. With the purchase of this land the company started the build and now is in position to sell 6 products like vaults, alcoves and mausoleums. Further, the opportunity for this kind of project in other cities is on the table and the company could take advantage of this in a short period.

Estimated sales projection according to the potential market study is 7,603 annual sales, which gives us a monthly market of 634 sales/month.

    Business Plan

    This is a consolidated company with more than 5000 customers. The target market to keep growing are persons between 30 and 55 years that are interested in having a space in the cemeteries, almost 60% of the population in this city don’t have a space yet and 80% of these people are interested. Besides, the company has a digital advertising strategy to attract more customers.

    Is projected to have around 7.500 sales per year and the company could get more than 40% of the market because it is the only company with two cemeteries in this city.



    JAKE MELLOR, MBA, Macc, CFP® CFO at Alphamark



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