Real Estate


Designed to capture and corner the market in the

lucrative short-term rental (STR) arbitrage space

Portfolio capitalization
rate is 21.33%.

20+ Independent experienced

IRR of minimum 15%
for 7 years.

Long-term guaranteed leases.

Access to SFR and multifamily assets

Target properties that generate
minimum 7K in monthly revenue.

Network with investors and other
arbitrageurs across the country.

Financing Requested

$15,000,000 Equity


The fund makes accessible investor monies used to acquire residential assets in the United States. The primary fund/business function is to work with independent STR agents, who commit to guaranteed, long-term leases with Marrs Venture (Marrs). Marrs finances the acquisition of properties, which are subject to an extensive review process, that are then converted and managed as STRs by these arbitrageurs.


There is an ever-increasing demand for short-term rentals such as AirBnB and very few landlords willing to allow lease agreements with permission to sublease for short-term rents. Property managers and real estate agents are always searching for landlords who will allow them to sublease their properties.
For example:
A 43-year-old averaged over $100,000 a month in income from her short-term-rental business last year. She explains how she got started after suddenly losing her job and which loans she turned to.

Business Plan

Marrs has pioneered a system, which includes key relationships, to ensure the success of this fund. Namely, Marrs will work with nationally recognized Airbnb professionals to market and provide a pipeline of successful/proven STR agents interested in arbitrage. In addition to
our own evaluations, each arbitrageur is given the freedom to locate and evaluate SFR/MFR (single family/multi-family/multiplex) properties before presenting them to Marrs. Once property addresses are received, will conduct its own due diligence before deciding to bid on a property. All the normal diligence in a home buying process will be done by Marrs and its network of agents, including acquiring necessary licenses to run STRs in certain towns and cities.

Marrs and the arbitrageur agent are engaged in a mutually beneficial business relationship in the following way: the arbitrageur will sign and abide by a long-term (leasing) agreement that commits said individual(s) to payments equal to PITI plus minimum cash flow targets (listed below) OR the fair market value of rent (according to rentometer) plus 50% of the remaining monthly STR rental revenue (less property management fees; less rent). Any additional revenue beyond PITI is considered profit for Marrs and its investors. In this model, the minimum blended average target profit is $3,000 USD, per STR unit, with additional upside in appreciation.
When a property is officially closed on, an STR agent takes over the property as an STR host. Meaning, from closing on, the arbitrageur takes responsibility for furnishing, stocking, cleaning, and advertising the listing on an STR marketplace within 30 days.

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